No one's perfect

No one’s perfect-Double check

Posted on 19-09-2018 , by: fusion , in , 0 Comments

Feeling for Cathay Pacific today with this ‘spell’ of bad publicity…but let’s face it, who hasn’t made a spelling mistake in an email, report or a book?
Even spellcheck is far form perfect…oops, far from perfect.
All the more reason to do two things before publishing anything…
1. If possible, have another pair of eyes look at it. I’m so grateful to my professional book editors over the years who have saved me from the literary equivalent of having spinach on my teeth in public.

No one's perfect

No one’s perfect

2. If sending a sensitive, controversial or critical email, best not to hit the ‘send’ button immediately, but re-look at it in drafts a bit later. #editors #spell #authors #cathaypacific