Cheerful or Choreful Festive Season?

Posted on 15-12-2011 , by: fusion , in , 0 Comments

We ‘must’ catch up before Christmas, the windows ‘must’ be cleaned;  and let’s not forget the must-ard for the holiday ham!
There seem far too many expectations to be jolly and play happy families when,  in fact, I know from my time on the NSW Police Board, that Christmas Day has the highest rate of suicides & domestic violence cases.  Tis the season to be jolly-not!  Too many people over eat, over drink and over spend. No wonder they are over whelmed by all the things they ‘should’ do and the cheerful season becomes the choreful season.
So, try to  take a few moments out to drop a few things from your ‘to do’ list; and be more mindful of your ‘to enjoy’ list; what brings you  true joy. Hmm, which reminds me-I never got round to making my grandma’s traditional shortbread this year; and it will just have to remain on the back burner (so to speak)-as I’m outta here for a surf.
Ho, ho, hope you enjoy the holiday season.

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