Be the Rolls-Royce of your industry-and life

Posted on 24-08-2017 , by: Catherine Devrye , in , 0 Comments

What are you doing to be the best of the best?

This was a question I grappled with myself recently before the privilege of addressing an international team from Rolls-Royce. What could I possibly tell a brand that has been synonymous with quality and service longer than I’ve been on the planet? Nervousness gave way to reflection that over that last 20 years, I’ve seldom spoken to organisations that truly need to totally reinvent their strategy on service, change and resilience. Rather, I have been engaged by those, like you, who are leaders in your field and simply want to sharpen the axe and hone individual and collective skills. And that’s exactly what Rolls-Royce has been doing since 1904, when co-founder Sir Henry Royce said:

‘Take the best and make it better’

There will always be disruption and challenges on the road to success. There will always be potholes, dead ends and detours to dreams; but here are some thoughts I shared and/or learned via Rolls-Royce for sustainable success on your professional or personal journey:

-A brand is a promise-a great brand is a promise delivered. So too with ‘Brand You’

-No individual or organization has the luxury of mediocrity or complacency.

-Deliver a ‘money can’t buy’ experience to customers that will have lasting value.

-You can’t drive into the future if you only look into a rear vision mirror.

-Go the extra mile-it’s not very crowded on that road.

-‘Courtesy is like air in our tyres. It doesn’t cost anything but makes travel more pleasant.’…Miguel Cruzatta

-Monitor pressure- not just in our tyres but on ourselves-as we travel life’s path.

As someone who covers more kilometres via my bicycle than my car, I am fortunate to teach and learn from clients at home and around the world; who continually challenge me to lift my game and pedal a little harder to be a better writer, speaker and hopefully a better person. We may never own a Rolls-Royce but most of us recall the wobbles when we rode our first bicycle…so remember that to be better:

Life is like a 21 speed bicycle-Most of us have gears we never use.’

What are you waiting for?