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Timbuktu to Kathmandu Stories for forthcoming Book

Posted on 05-11-2020 , by: Catherine Devrye , in , 0 Comments

‘Timbuktu to Kathmandu: Courage, Kindness & Connection Around Our World’

‘Catherine may set out to go everywhere, but her explorations prove that with an open mind anywhere is as friendly as home’…Tony Wheeler-Founder Lonely Planet

SYNOPSIS OF YET TO BE PUBLISHED BOOK : Amid media bombardment of conflict, cowardice, disruption and disease, readers will welcome respite through an armchair journey to share pizza with Syrian refugees, unearth truffles alongside Kalahari Bushmen, dine with princes or simply digest some surprising titbit from far-flung lands.

Xenophobic stereotypes shatter as booklovers discover that individuals are kinder than their governments; courage exists in improbable places and there’s always common ground for connection.

From an author who has visited every continent and 135+ countries, these timely and timeless vignettes of global humanity, hope, humour and happenstance will linger long beyond current travel bans. Diverse travels between 9/11-Covid-19, spotlight surprisingly similar dreads and dreams; loathing and laughter that meld into greater empathy for those of different races, religions and nations.

Timbuktu to Kathmandu vicariously transports the reader to better understand that whether around the world or around the next corner, we are indeed all in this together.

Some sample stories below