The Customer

Service Zoo

Australian Institute of Management – Tony Jollye
‘Animals have evolved, survived and developed over many thousands of years. Conversely the life span of the average company is less that that of the average human being. It is likely therefore that within the animal kingdom there are change management, growth and adaptive instincts. Cathy DeVrye has used her incisive mind to identify a few pointers of interest from our zoological friends and to publish them as an amusing pot pourri of characteristics that good managers may well take to heart.’

Les Galbraith, Vice President American Express Business Travel Australia and N.Z
‘The commonsense approach to leadership is an approach Catherine has taken over many years in her successful career. She has helped me to inculcate this same thought, leadership, and caring work environment into our team at American Express Business Travel Australia. This book is an excellent reference for those leaders working toward achieving the same consistent, thoughtful leadership necessary for today’s demanding work life.’


Ben Dalton – Former Manager, Client Service Development Program Queensland Treasury.
‘An incredibly innovative and effective way for executive managers to quickly understand and retain essential elements of client service.’

Peter Wiesner- Manager, Advertising & Sales Promotion Mercedes-Benz(Aust)P/L
‘At times I have the impression that commercial society marches further into a service wilderness – a landscape of undefined standards, insincere attempts and that’ll do traps. Cathy’s approach to stimulate positive attitudes for excellent customer service by considering a ‘walk through the zoo’ is original as well as effective’

Liz Burrows, Quality Assurance Manager, Blackmores Ltd.
‘….a lively jargon-free short read that will give long-term benefits in improving the quality of service in an organisation… timely and relevant!’

Dr Vern Harvey, Chief Executive, Credit Union Services Corporation.
‘A quick ‘must read’ for all executive who think they understand customer service. The analogies at first seem simple, but Cathy has produced a very sound, up-to-date, instructional tool on the service ethic.’


Sam Corbett, Managing Editor, Monash Mt Eliza Business Review
‘To be successful in business you must know the importance of customer service. To anyone wanting an edge on their competitors, I recommend this book, written in an effective and entertaining way, highlighting the key elements of good customer service.’

Bruce Ingrey, Ray White Real Estate
‘The concept of a zoo as an analogy for customer service is appropriate. For many of us, understanding the need and wants of our customers is as foreign as understanding the behaviour of the zoo animals. Cathy DeVry’s book opens the gate at the zoo for those of us who are dedicated to customer service but are unsure how to deliver it.’

Kylee Gardiner, Training Consultant, Optus Communications
‘Cathy has a very easy, open and natural style of writing that makes this book extremely easy to read….it approaches the subject in a fashion that is easily compr