Professor Toshiya-Ozaki Chair, Department of Global Business Rikkyo University, Tokyo

‘This book killed two birds with one stone…a joy-to-read about a life as a foreign exec working in Tokyo, plus practical survival tips for expats and visitors to Japan.’

Russell Fynmore  OA President Australia/Japan Society…

‘An easy read and a must for travelers and expatriates planning time in Japan’

Kazu Tawa Executive General Manager Mitsui

‘She shows an acute observation and played the part of a ‘voyeur’ cleverly and correctly. Her book captures
those fresh impressions prolonged exposure tends to dull, This serious, yet enjoyable, book is presented in the form of an A-Z guide.

Catherine’s recurrent theme, ‘Treat each situation and individual uniquely’ is convincingly argued. It is a message which I support and count as crucial to those who want to better understand
people management in Japan, especially expatriates working in my country. This book makes a truly valuable contribution and her observations score highly with me.

Dr Barry Ritchie CEO Australian Management College…

‘Here’s how to understand human resources in Japan-light at the end of the tunnel for the harassed executive’

Hajima Ushiyama   IBM Manager of Expatriates in Tokyo

‘The book is so comprehensive to understand Japanese things for foreigners’


Sunday Mail Brisbane

‘If you want to understand more about Japan, try Catherine DeVyre’s A to Z guide’
Her book is ready made for travelers and business folk planning to spend any time in Japan

Book Worm

‘Excellent insight into the functioning’s and motivations of Japanese companies, and tries to breakdown some of the myths surrounding Japanese management practices.The author draws on her own experiences which allows a very personal insight into Japanese culture and tradition’

The Examiner

‘Well written and covering most situations, a person to Japan might encounter’

Sydney Morning Herald

‘A good book for Tokyo bound Paul Keating, to help survive and work successfully with the people of this economic giant’

Berwick Journal

‘The guide is easy to read and has a quick reference guide that is easy to follow-targeted at individuals and organization that are relatively inexperienced in dealings with Japan’

Newcastle Herald

‘A comprehensive handbook for first timers going to Japan… useful reference for all those intending to do business with the Japanese-or for tourists wanting to unravel some of the myths of day-to-day etiquette. Well written and covering most situations a person going to Japan might encounter

New Librarian

‘A useful reference for all those intending to do business with tourists and the Japanese…a handy and accessible guide’