Hope Happens

Everest Press (Australia) , Simon & Schuster (International)


GOVERNOR GENERAL OF AUSTRALIA…Her Excellency Quentin Bryce  

Everyone should have a copy to dip into. A wonderful collection of wit and wisdom, What an inspiring story behind it’


‘DeVrye has now put pen to paper to produce a book with a difference. This is a lovely, lovely book called Hope Happens. It is beautiful and does add hope. Wonderful stuff Hope Happens.’


‘Catherine DeVrye is another author who has taken on the task of publishing her own works. After six books with major publishing houses, such as Prentice Hall, HarperCollins and Allen & Unwin, she sold some bank shares to finance Hope Happens! (Everest Press). ‘ I knew it was a gamble but I never go to the races, casinos or even buy lottery tickets so I thought why not back myself?’ she says. Profit is not the only motive: DeVrye will share her proceeds with the Cancer Council.’


‘Brought together a collection of inspiring quotes and proverbs within a handy pocket-sized “pick-me-up” book.’


They say good things come in small packages and so true with Hope Happens!…an emotion filled book with great advice, great sayings and great prose-a guide to life itself


‘DeVrye’s new book Hope Happens! addresses the human recharging issue. The pocket-sized volume contains motivational quotes from a wide range of sources, from Charles Dickens to Aldous Huxley to DeVrye’s dad and DeVrye herself.’


..wanted to tell you how touched I was, particularly by your intro.  Powerful and humble without self deprecation.  Honest and full of integrity, I can see the words reaching every reader in a totally different way.  I also love the notion of the bookmark.  I have put mine in my favourite for today “it’s ok to be down in the dumps, just don’t stay there too long”’


‘They say ‘Good things come in small packages’. So it is with this pocket-sized book of motivational quotes that bring words of encouragement for tough times. Some of the quotes are familiar, others quite new, but all have their own positive little message.

Catherine DeVrye in her introduction says she wrote this book for ‘the everyday person with everyday problems’. That’s probably you and me. Actually I found her introduction as inspiring as her quotes and I expect that’s because she has overcome such a lot of adversity in her own life. Not all the quotes will be for you personally but this one’s for me: ‘Be realistic. Plan for a miracle.’This is a book to buy for your own pocket or for pocket of someone you love.’


‘I have to admit to a certain suspicion of cute little books. You know the midget-sized ones you see lined up near the registers of bookshops, with appealing titles and inspirational front covers. The formula is catchy quotes, sometimes in a “thought for a day” mode, designed to provide the reader with a small, feel-good package. They’re often pretty, rarely memorable. So it was with some trepidation that I approached the 12 x 13 cm Hope Happens, by Catherine DeVrye. In it, I found more depth than in most books of this genre. She has done more than assemble the usual range of inspiring quotes from famous people (though you will find these here). She quotes ones from other people, the famous and the lesser known (my personal favourite is from Frank Jenson: “ Every day above the ground is a good one”) So if you want a small, attractive, inspirational book with a bit more depth than many of those on the shelves, this may appeal to you.’


‘From time to time we all get the opportunity to work with a project that takes on a special meaning.’


Here is this week’s Top Ten book choice according to Mack Campbell’s Bookstore.

1.       Hope Happens, Catherine DeVrye $14.95
2.       Rabbit Proof Fence, Doris Pilkington $18.95


Pocket size pick me up designed to offer Hope to people facing tough times. There are moments when we could all use a healthy dose of hope. Each page contains an inspirational quote or poem transposed over an exquisite photograph


‘And it appears the best-selling author and sought-after international speaker has done it again with the release of her latest book Hope Happens! The title alone of her new book is testimony to Catherine’s never ending search for the brighter side of life despite rough beginnings. Catherine is not naïve enough to believe two lines in a book will change anyone’s life but does believe particular sayings have pick-me-up power for some people.

There are also words of wisdom from the ‘unknown’ and some special thoughts from Catherine that she wrote while searching for a piece of hope.’


‘Best-selling author Catherine DeVrye has created a special book of pocket wisdom to help brighten your darkest day. Hope Happens! is the perfect tonic for those coping with loss – be it loss of a loved one, the end of a relationship, financial loss or simply losing your way in life. Hope Happens! Embraces the idea of learning from the past, looking towards the future, but most importantly living for today…wonderfully warm book and just in time for Mother’s Day too’’


‘So passionate is DeVrye about positive thinking that she has written a book on the subject called Hope Happens! A percentage of which goes to the Cancer Council. However DeVrye admits “false hope” can be extremely dangerous. But even if it doesn’t cure, and I would never want to use the word cure, hope can certainly make your life more bearable when you’re going through a tough time,” she says.’


‘Hope Happens! Is an amazing pocket-sized book by Catherine DeVrye  which offers words of encouragement for tough times. It contains her favourite quotes about overcoming adversity and having helped her continue her journey in times of deep despair, it can help you.’


‘Hope Happens!…Words of Encouragement for Tough Times is a beautifully presented 120-page pocket-sized gift book, the size of a CD. It contains pithy well-known quotes by household names such as Nelson Mandela  and Eleanor Roosevelt, as well as some original quotes by bestselling author Catherine DeVrye. Hope Happens! is unique in that each quote is transposed on a high-quality one-toned photograph-taken by the author on every continent-symbolic of the universal human spirit.’


‘I was honoured to receive a copy of your book, Hope Happens!. On behalf of the people of New York, I thank you for your compassion and concern. The outpouring of support we have received from around the world has been a tremendous source of comfort for us all.
Many thanks again for your kindness and best wishes.’


It’s a great looking book and it has a nice feel to it.  I have had a quick go through and am keeping it on my bedside table. I suspect that I will be dipping in for inspiration in the next few months.

My 12 year old daughter, Helen, really likes the book and we have had a number of serious conversations about it during our bedtime chats.  She knows it well and has all her favorite sayings picked out.  .’

‘…that little book certainly has been wonderful and inspirational both to us and our daughter. It is used daily in their rehab therapy sessions

‘I heard Alan Jones on Radio 2GB read out a letter from Pauline Hanson in which she quoted something from your book Hope Happensre: its your attitude to events in life that makes the difference, not the event itself.’

Earlier this year I underwent a double lung transplant and while I was at home on oxygen waiting for my transplant “call” I was given your book “Hope Happens-words of encouragement for tough times”. I could relate to several quotes within that book and they helped keep me positive in a very difficult time.

EXCELLENT work!  Am much impressed with this one, and especially the photography. Was wondering who did all that great work until I read the cover insert!
‘I love your book. I read it with a lump in my throat and with misty eyes. It is FABULOUS.!!!’

‘Hi, Just read your book “Hope Happens”. It was excellent. Any other books etc available??’

‘ love the photos and the quotes – especially your personal ones and your Mum and Dad.’

-very revealing and offered a great perspective on change and life. ‘

I’ve bought it into the office today to share with the staff. It’s wonderful, congratulations.’

I was at a low point in my life due to the threat to our business assets and thus future. The little book Hope Happens was also given to all our staff to help keep their spirits up – it was a life saver. We are now out of the woods and I would love to catch up with you – if you are ever in Adelaide –
‘I read your book last night.  It was fantastic!  I was a bit down in the dumps and a little angry after having had my wallet stolen from my desk yesterday.  Reading your book reminded me that despite the short term inconvenience it really isn’t a big deal.
There are so many of this type of book (in many different formats) but yours seem different.  Is it because I know you, or are you getting similar comments from others?  Either way it and Hot Lemon and Honey are amongst the best books I’ve read.  Congratulations.’

Just a note to let you know that the books you signed as gifts for my clients were very well received.

I liked the photographs. Dare I say even more unisex Not too many flowers!. Read it through early this morning and it felt good.’

It, I feel, with be the real treasure amongst the gold of your personal library, that is, the books you have written. ‘

You are the most cooperative author I’ve ever been in touch with. This article does say something good about this book, and I hope it will generate some interesting sales.’

I’d like you to autograph one which I will  keep for myself, but the others I would like to just have on hand to give to friends in “time of need” . I just gave my copy to our daughter, who is struggling at the moment, she found it very helpful to have as a reference and I suppose the knowledge, that her dad and I care enough to give it to her.

The book it a great small gift for friends “in need”.’

It’s a great book, easy to read and totally enjoyable, so congratulations and I wish you great success with it.
‘If you are available to sign this fabulous book, could you dedicate to our friend. She desperately needs a boost! I really do appreciate your kindness in dedicating this book. To-day is the 1st anniversary of her father’s suicide and your book will really help.’

I have it on my desk and every now and then I look at another quote.  yes -I have shown it to others as well.

photos are amazing and content is great and the size is perfect – well done and congratulations once again.

This excellent little book is a great tool in so many ways. Your members can use it to inspire themselves, their participants and it is also a neat give away for trainers to use as prizes or to tie in with their themes for training. Suitable for both sexes and the photos are stunning. I would encourage you to carry this product in your range and also to promote it to your members as an Australian Author producing world class product.’

The quotes in your book are inspirational (please don’t cringe when you read that) – but it was your Introduction that resonated with me.

My co-worker, for whom I bought the book, read it Monday night and LOVED IT!  Said she now has some quotes she can use in all those blank greeting cards she loves to buy!’

that little book certainly has been wonderful and inspirational both to us and my daughter. It is used daily in their therapy sessions. and inspirations from your book has helped with the recovery period.

‘I originally sent out a copy to each of our Operational Managers to see if they thought the book would be of use in their centres. I have forwarded below some of their comments:

“I thought it was great and really enjoyed reading it. It came to me at the time of a bereavement and found it was comforting and supportive. I found several little quotes that I particularly responded to on a personal level.”

“I and a couple of staff have reviewed this book and believe it is a great motivational tool and one that would be excellent to have as a resource within our centres. It is simple to read and I’m sure would provide a source of inspiration to both our staff and clients.”

“Devotional and motivational books of this size are always good to have in the office. They can provide inspiration and staff use them for devotions.” ‘

‘I gave a copy of Hope Happens to someone I know and he has taken various of the quotes and written them down on pieces of paper which he keeps in various places. When he’s in a bad place personally, he uses them to motivate himself.  He has gone through a very tough time having been retrenched in middle age and not really knowing how to handle it and then having a very hard road to where he is now. You really make a difference in people’s lives – how good that must be.’

just wanted to let you know that I’ve given six away and I have three more to give away.  I just love it.  Here are reactions from two longtime friends:

X- whose mom died in Oct.  “I love the book.  I’ve always liked things like that, but haven’t taken time to read any lately.

X- 82 years old   “I’ve always collected quotes but to have them on a “page of art” makes the image/idea linger in my mind.”

My teenage daughter was on the computer sharing Hope Happens with her friends via Instant Messaging and they wanted Hope for themselves!

Children are often a good judge of works…and Liz and her friends LOVED your Hope Happens!…as much as she loves all the Chicken Soup books.’

‘Your book was very easy to read-just as promised. And as it should have been, given the subject. I found it helpful, but not judgmental. Although, I must say I recognized myself in too many chapters! So, my best wake-up call was what would I do if I only had 60 minutes to live?


You do not know me, but I know of some of your work, it has helped me in so many ways that you could never ever imagine, I was truly blessed when I found this lil book in a drug store that was going out of business, it was the only book left and it was only .99 cents and I was homeless at the time so the price was right, I read a page everyday, I got it way back in 2004, I still read it to this day, and share it with all of my friends, the book of Hope happens! is the best I even Quoted some of the pages to a CPS worker when they were trying to take my kids away because we were homeless and I fought the CPS and won, I still have my kids and it’s all because of the book it made me a stronger person and I would like to thank GOD and YOU”


‘With the help of your inspirational words in Hope Happens, my resolve is to have the courage to look forward to the future’ Over a year later I think of your messages around customer service & appreciation-and thank you for your ongoing wisdom & inspiration’

‘Hope Happens is a lively inspirational book which I will treasure. I was touched to read the words you wrote on the inside cover since they came from the pen of such a wonderful & remarkable woman’ Over a year later I think of your messages around customer service & appreciation-and thank you for your ongoing wisdom & inspiration’


‘My 17 year old son died in a car accident on the 28th of December 2009.  My father has been worried about how i would cope being so far away from family and he must have known where to look because your books have enabled me to face my grief. From page 114 of ‘Hope Happens’ i have just been able to cry.  I have to do this alone though because nobody seems to understand that at the moment i cant accept what has happened.  I intend to read the other book ‘Who says i can’t?’ tonight.


‘I showed your book “Hope Happens” to a friend on Saturday night who is struggling with a marriage breakup, custody dispute etc. and I think she found great comfort in some of its words.  So I do count you as one of my blessings, so that through you I can help her.


‘Thanks for Hope Happens, I have actually purchased and given then to other cancer patients. Your friendship has made a huge difference in my life.’