Good Service is Good Business

Simple Strategies for Success


AIM Mastering Management Books
‘This radically updated edition of a past number one bestseller explains what these strategies are, with the aid of practical examples of both good and bad customer service, case studies written by winners of the Australian Quality Awards, and excerpts from a research study by AMR:Quantum’

Liz Burrows, Quality Assurance Manager-Blackmores Ltd
‘A jargon-free short read for invaluable long term results….applicable  to every organisation – large or small. No wonder it’s a number one best seller.!’

Les Galbraith, Vice President, Corporate Travel, American Express International
‘…well written and easy to follow. It will help you stay focused on what’s important – your people and your customers.’

Karl Albrecht, author of The Service Advantage and Service America.
‘This book by an Australian author clearly demonstrates that service excellence knows no global bounds.’

Newsletter of Australian Customer Service Association.

Good Service is Good Business-7 Simple Strategies for Success is a celebration of commonsense. Early in her book, Catherine DeVrye combines strategy with goals: the statement “Turning common sense into common practise” is anything but common. It demystifies the secrets of excellent customer service by breaking it down into its most basic component – consistency.’

Retail Trade Magazine – New Zealand.
‘A couple which stand out, and were documented in a book by Catherine DeVrye, Good Service is Good Business: Simple Strategies for Success, do the man the justice he deserves.’

Marketing News
‘If you skip the somewhat sentimental introduction in which DeVrye recounts her teenage years and a gee-whiz tour of Alaska, you can find many gems of advice.
Plenty of practical, simple examples are peppered throughout, with questionnaires at the end of each chapter to motivate readers to start planning for better customer service within their businesses.

Useful stuff, in an entertaining, easily-digested read.’


Loved the video and book, I haven’t listened to the CD’s yet as I don’t have a player in my car and am stretched for time at home at present.  I definitely got value for money and am full of ideas.

‘Once again, let me say congratulations on a good book. Good Service is Good Business is a great read, and how I wish everything in it could apply here in Asia.’


‘bought this book in a second hand shop-best low cost investment I have ever made- real gems of wisdom and common sense.’


To cut my letter short, this kind of thinking was born from your book. I always share to my staffs as well as other colleagues indicating page 118,paragraph 5 “ADD VALUE BY DOING THAT LITTLE BIT EXTRA”.