Hot Lemon and Honey

– Reflections for Success in Times of Change

Sir Edmund Hillary

‘……this book can lead you on the road to success’

Jack Canfield, Co-author of The Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series.

‘I found this book full of inspiration, valuable insights and useful information – vitamins for my mind and soul. I believe everyone will benefit from a daily dose!’

The Bulletin

‘refreshingly DeVrye has heard enough of the same over the top hype herself to tackle the issue in her book.

The National Business Review

‘Catherine DeVrye, customer service motivational speaker and author, believes business success and fitness go hand in hand. Her latest book discusses these issues, blending business advice with motivation by example. The chunky paperback contains 52 chapters, each headed by a quote, providing a 10 minute quote for every week of the year in the form of bits of wisdom to motivate employers and employees.’


‘It is like the medicinal drink after which it is named and its adaptation for the business environment allows it to soothe the bust soul.’

Sunshine Coast-Sunday Life Review

‘This is a very inviting book. 10/10!
Hot Lemon and Honey is a great book. It’s designed as 52 quick chapters, each starting and ending with a quote or saying Catherine said she wrote the book in that manner so that people could absorb just one chapter, one concept every week. But most of the feedback she has received is that people read it cover to cover and then keep it at hand for ‘instant motivational recharges’ – like myself. Although the book was written with the employee and employer in mind, it is applicable to everyone. Inspirational.

The Sydney Morning Herald

‘This slim volume, written by an Australian Executive Woman of the Year award winner, bills itself as “Reflections for success in times of change.” Each of its 52 chapters (one for each week of the year) takes the form of thoughts spun from a single inspirational quote. Each chapter can be read in about 10 minutes, leaving a week for you to reflect on its contents. The examples (“an airline”, ”a grocery store”) area bit light on specifics, and the style is a bit cloying, but the reflective approach is a pleasant change from the tonnes of “get-out-there-and-kill-‘em” management books. Best consumed, like a box of chocolates, in small doses.’
The Sun Herald
‘When Catherine DeVrye decided to write her latest book Hot Lemon and Honey she was aiming for the perfect combination of sound business advice and uplifting personal messages. Drawing on her years of experience as an international speaker and businesswoman, Catherine knows the key to tapping into an audience is to challenge, entertain and leave them with a good message. In Hot Lemon and Honey, she proves that a book can do the same job. I believe that everyone will benefit from a daily dose.
Hot Lemon and Honey is the perfect size to fit in a handbag or briefcase so it’s perfect to read on the bus or in the loo.’


‘The best way to describe Catherine DeVrye’s book, Hot Lemon and Honey: Reflections for Success in Times of Change, is in her own words: ‘Like the common cold, there is yet no cure for the common ills of the workplace. My hope is that after digesting Hot Lemon and Honey you might feel a little better: that your place of work and inner self may seem somewhat more nurtured. I don’t pretend to prescribe any miracle medication…just to scribe a few reflections which, with a sip of soothing wisdom, hopefully will help to clear your head of job-related congestion.’
In this book, DeVrye, a leading motivational speaker, shares her insights on how to make your personal and professional life more meaningful and effective. Using catchy, easy to remember quotes. DeVrye encourages you to revitalise your thinking and challenges one to look at things differently. She hopes that the readers will gain long-term benefits and motivation for themselves and their organisations.’

NSW Women Writers Group.

‘ that amongst the rather disturbing aspects of contemporary society and the rush to rationalise the corporate world, Catherine’s books still remind us of some of the more traditional and positive societal attitudes, like commonsense, kindness and caring.

New South Wales Golf Club

‘Your book and motivational notes will be of great inspiration to the girls, and we hope they can draw on such wonderful information to enjoy their golf and achieve all that they desire. The Committee would also like to take this opportunity to wish you great success with your book and the journey that will follow’
New Zealand National Business Review Reviewed by Linda Donald
‘Catherine DeVrye, customer service motivational speaker and author, believes business success and fitness go hand in hand. Her latest book discusses these issues, blending business advice with motivation by example. The chunky paperback contains 52 chapters, each headed by a quote, providing a 10-minute read for every week of the year in the form of bites of wisdom to motivate employers and employees.


Like a pack of Tim Tams at a hormonal time of month, I couldn’t get enough and finished the entire pack-or in this case the book!

I did manage to grad a few free moments during the Christmas break and I got so absorbed I read it in one foul swoop! I thought as you suggested that to read a chapter a week would be a good idea, but so much for that.

So many pertinent thoughts and very applicable to my professional and personal life

‘The book is beyond superb. It can only have what it’s got because it has been written by a ‘’woman who has led an absolutely fascinating life!’
It’s a magical book. Both thought provoking and entertaining.

It’s full of so many home truths and so much common sense that I hereby commit to regularly skim through the chapter headings as reminders. You’ve really hit the nail on the head for today’s lifestyle – and I’m not even in the corporate world.’

I took ‘”you” with me to New York last week and spent a lot of time with you on that long flight. I really liked the story about the hotel in Perth and the hot lemon and honey drink that they gave you. It must have been quite an experience writing that book since you included a lot of personal comments and really opened up about your personal life. My copy of Hot Lemon and Honey is already becoming well worn – like a good friend.’

‘Your book is good medicine. It is good reading

‘It is truly an outstanding publication.I particularly liked the way you included references to other writers who have had something to offer along the path of personal enlightenment.

You inspired me to make a list of health aims.

‘Your book ‘ Hot Lemon and Honey’ has been a joy to read over lunch each day, giving me the lift I needed to keep me “on the road to success”.  Thanks for a great read. Looking forward to your next “brew”.’

I am enjoying your words of wisdom, and hope to share them with my colleagues at work. As school teachers we are currently facing great changed in education.’

‘I think I had said to you that in the short time of reading your book on the flight it has “cleared my head of job related congestion: and helped me to come to a decision that I had been mulling over for some months. I am in the process of negotiating a new position at the moment and hopefully will be able to pass on your recipe of Hot Lemon and Honey to others whose inner self needs some nurturing. I often go back to the book when I start to feel a little low, when thing do not seem to be moving as fast as I would like them to and give my self that little boost of enthusiasm. As your friend Sir Edmund Hillary says, “It’s not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.’’

it conveyed something that is very useful for my own life at the moment.

‘Congratulations on your new book. You are definitely onto a winning formula. I have bought books on quotations before as they appeal to me but your idea of discussing them and including interesting stories only makes them more appealing in ways we can all relate to.

‘As I sit at the table after dinner drinking my Tetley’s Lemon and Honey t-bag drink, I couldn’t think of a better time to drop you a line-great book!

‘Thank you so much for writing ‘Hot Lemon and Honey.’

‘Have been busy reading your book at night during my last two trips, on the bus that sort of thing, haven’t finished it yet, but don’t want to. Very good book

…great short chapters, great quotes, as a matter of fact I have just quoted one to a friend in Oz

Over the past 3 years I have read many motivational books, poems, quotes and attended a few courses. Learning to appreciate such things has changed my life in so many ways and I admire such people as yourself that choose to share what they have discovered themselves…if you are ever in the office, I would love to meet you

‘I am enjoying “Hot Lemon & Honey”. I linked a recent experience with some of  your thoughts and have emailed to mining industry colleagues worldwide.

‘What I like about the book is it’s simple style and it’s friendly disposition. It’s one of those things you can’t fake in writing. Many of these types of books tend to be very cold and clinical and tell you how to achieve rather than invite you to do so.

‘I received the book and am half way through it (two or three chapters a night).

I’m always jealous of people who tell us stuff that we all knew but never think about. And I hate people who can convey plain common sense in a simple way.

My parents borrowed your book and it looked interesting so I read it.  It was neat and I thought it had a lot of cool inspirational quotes

I thought that your two books would be an excellent theme for my Thinking Health Bulletin. Attached is my next proposed article, which I would like you to read first to make sure that it is OK with you.

Ten days ago at Inverloch, I started reading THE book and literally didn’t put it down until the end. Congratulations on a fine work. It is stimulating, sensible and humorous, all in all, a great read.

enjoyed the personal references, which somehow add a touch of everyday reality and common sense. The business content is always at the core and I certainly picked up a few pointers, which will help our business improve.

thoroughly enjoying your book. I’m tending to take the slow option that you have suggested – ie reading one chapter per night so it’s taking me a while. It’s funny – as I’m feeling so snowed under at the moment as I take on a new job (which starts on Monday) I read your book and it is just the support I need – such as we never have enough time in our days to get through everything and finish our ‘to do’ lists etc etc. It’s nice to know that others feel the same as me!

‘Just finished reading your new book last night and wanted to drop you a line. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about life, love and career and have to tell you that it was a really good read for the state of mind I have been in. Thanks for the insights – and for making a difference. Keep in touch.’

The title and cover design are excellent. These arouse curiosity and are likely to tempt the browser to pick it up to see what it is about. In fact that was a chance visitor having a cuppa did. She saw it on our dining table, picked it up and started checking it out chapter by chapter. Her associate, my nephew, my wife  and I were left to carry on the conversation. A good indicator because she is an intelligent business consultant.

Your overall presentation and structure are also excellent. The language is clear and simple enough for business people who so often lack an adequate grounding in

have only read it once and I shall take more time on it on my second read. Reading a book a second time is like watching a film a second time. It is amazing how much you miss first time around.

so full of wisdom and insight. I congratulate you on your achievement.

couldn’t put it down last night, have quoted you today in our staff meeting and emailed a couple of thoughts to friends and my boss!’

Following your speech, I forked out my however many dollars (don’t remember now but it was money well spent) for your book “Hot Lemon and Honey“, which you kindly signed for me. It’s still on my bookshelf back home but its messages have stuck with me for the 9 months and counting since I left Oz – most notably the sentiment (excuse me if these were not your exact words) “not making a decision is a decision in itself”. I wanted to let you know how it has also touched my life in a personal sense, and to say thanks for that.’

‘I have to say your book “Hot Lemon and Honey” is beside my bed and I am enjoying it very much. I tend to dip in and out of it, have a think, a re-read, and then put it away for a couple of days. I have ordered more copies to send to my daughter, best girl friend and my sister!

I am at week 11 of my 12 week University Term, and it was a bit of a pain barrier last week, and the book helped to put a few basics back in place for me.’

‘I found out what the word ‘restructure’ truly means which is a way companies can get rid of staff, hence I was made redundant.  The last 3 mths have been very difficult for me so I will take note of your website addresses for some ‘motivation’ and ‘feeling good’ prompts.  I enjoyed your Honey and Lemon book – found some very good things to help me prioritise what really matters in this world.’

I have lent out your books to some junior sales people I’m looking after here. My kids love it too.

Absolutely fascinating. In fact one would know everything you tell us in such an easy and explicit way, but we are so stupid and always forget about the simplest things of life: To live today and be grateful about every second of the day. Thank you for reminding us again and again!

‘It’s my first time for me to read your book (In Indonesian version). It’s such a good book from which I got many new concepts on service – one word that people keep on talking about. I transferred many of your ideas to our staff in the in-house training program I am conducting right now, which of course I combine with other concepts for enrichment.’

‘I chose to get your advice since I expected a lady of your age to give a motherly advice to me and it was exactly what i expected from you. I would like you to present more columns in THE HINDU. I LOVE READING YOUR ARTICLES IN HINDU.’

I read a lot of motivation and positive thinking books and I picked yours at the library.  When I got it home I thought I had made a mistake because it was work related.  Not only was it very helpful from that point of view but also on a personal level too.  I just thought I would write to thank you for your book and thoughts of encouragement.  I admire persons like yourself and hope one day to be able to help others also just maybe not in the same way as you.

‘I truly appreciate your personalising the books for my staff. I have given each of them this book to read over the holiday break as we truly are in a state of change, certainly a positive change, and I want them back in January with a fresh outlook on life and their chosen careers.’

Not sure if this email will ever find you however…I attended a presentation by yourself and whilst there received Hot Lemon and Honey. I am not a reader, not through lack of education however through other priorities. I was sitting in an aeroplane 2 weeks ago about to land and we were then informed we had to hold and wait as a runway at Sydney has been closed. “oh crap” was my initial response however after sifting through my backpack I picked up your book. Please don’t get me wrong I enjoyed your presentation however as I usually do I judged the book by it’s cover “Hot Lemon and Honey” and immediately the wrong thoughts conjured in my mind. Yes I know that you had told us that a lady gave you these when you were sick and therefore I knew where the name of the book had come from but……..

Anyway I started reading the book in my ideal bite size chunks and much to my amazement I have now finished. I didn’t read it over the 52 weeks primarily for the fact I wanted to read! WOW! Anyway I wanted to say thank you for playing a part in my life from afar.

It looks splendid and I have found the sections I’ve read so far both illuminating and fascinating.

I recently spoke with you at your book signing at Dymocks. I was the ‘Quantity Surveyor’ on my lunch break where I purchased your inspirational and calming book ‘Hot Lemon & Honey’.

I would like to say thank you for the book as it is a source of comfort and puts a hard and sometimes annoying work day into perspective. Thank you again for your book and the insight and wisdom contained within.

I am writing to you by your first name because I almost feel as if I have known you for a long time – that is after I have just read your sweet hot-lemon-and-tea book. Congratulations – not the first and I sincerely hope not the last that you are to receive on it! What worries me though is that in Bulgaria (this is where I am from) your book has just come out -that is 5 years after its first publication. Still on the web site of the book I didn’t find a second book having something to do with hot lemon and tea which made me feel I am not too late!
‘Congratulations on an inspiring book!

As the Practice Manager of a medical practice in a small town, your advice is a relevant for me (and my colleagues) now as it was when I worked for an Multinational Pharmaceutical Company as a Sales Representative!


‘It was a great read and I would love to order another one of your books soon. I keep your article “Hot Lemon and Honey” that was published in Sold Magazine taped up at my desk as well as gave it to all the staff. I find that the art of customer service has been lost by many people/organizations and I am a great believer in it.’


‘Thank you for writing this wonderful book, Hot Lemon & Honey-how simple in a fashion life should be. Congratulations on all you are doing to improve others; lives.


Thanks for the e-book – it is a great read.


We have great feedback/stats on your earlier SmallBiz Book Club presentation.


‘We are thrilled with your products and books.’


‘Over the years your books have been a source of inspiration and help to me and brought me a tremendous amount of success on the job.’.


‘Just read your article in this month’s SOLD Magazine and it reminded me of the reason we are going to climb Kilimanjaro this Christmas. It was several years ago at  a Real Estate that you described your life , passions and goal setting and the journey so far. So we have you to thank!!’


‘I am inspired by your Hot Lemon & Honey. I seldom find a book that I very much enjoy reading. Hot Lemon & Honey is certainly one of the very good books that I have come across. Even though English is my second language, but I found it easy to read and understand. I am looking forward to read your other books and love to receive your Ezine-Subscription. Your Big Fan from Bangkok’


‘I bought my Colombian au pair your book “Hot Lemon & Honey”  for her plane ride back home.  She wrote and told me how much your book inspired her to change her life when she returned home’.


‘Loving the book. In times of challenge I find perspective is critical and I still feel privileged to remember your talk with great enthusiasm’ Over a year later I think of your messages around customer service & appreciation-and thank you for your ongoing wisdom & inspiration’